Golf Planning & Design

Our planning and design are inspired by the centuries old guidelines and practices established by fore fathers of traditional golf course architecture Old Tom Morris, Alister Mackenzie, Donald Ross. Environment being the integral part at all phases from inception to feasibility, planning & design, construction, operations & maintenance in all our projects.

Our Approach

Is environmental sustainability in golf course planning, design and construction and maintenance.

Our Planning

Is to integrate the principles and practices of long-term sustainability features such as resources efficiency,
affordable & community engaged development, healthy lifestyle, unique marketing strategies,
minimal operations & maintenance cost.




To integrate golf and the environment by engaging communities, enhancing biodiversity, encouraging efficiency in resource management, generating employment. Such integration essentially safeguards all the aspects of a site, its surrounding areas and its inhabitants to ensure environmental sustainability for centuries.



Lay of the land determines the design of the golf course - routing, drainage, contours, vegetation, etc. To develop golf course as natural as possible an architect must blend the golf course design features into the existing topography and utilise the natural settings of the land as much as possible which helps in avoiding habitat disruption and retaining the natural biodiversity and aesthetics. Using surface natural water as water hazard rather than creating new one, using existing vegetation rather than planting new, minimal bunkers, archaeologically significant areas.



Every course should be playable for all because 80% of golfers play the game as a recreational activity. Ensuring each hole is routed in a manner which allows alternative paths for golfers that want to avoid a hazard and all shot shapes for golfers to either draw or slice, etc. Such key design practices and layouts offers enjoyability to beginner golfer and throws challenges for intermediate or scratch golfers, this process eventually helps in encouraging more people to play the game of golf which would ultimately turn this sport into a democratic sport.



Earth movement is generally determined by the design & its specifications. With minimalist approach earth movement can drastically be reduced which eventually lowers the construction cost. Oldest courses like Askernish Links, St. Andrews Links, Carnoustie Links, Turnberry Links are built with minimalist approach.

GLC offers planning and design/redesign to completion to meet any or all of your requirements for


  • Conceptualisation
  • Master-Planning
  • Walk the Course for Routing supported by hand sketches & AutoCAD
  • Detailed Survey & Designing including Final Routing, Drainage, Irrigation, Contour, vegetation etc
  • Construction specifications & drawings including Golf Course Staking Plan, Clearing Plan, Cut and Fill Plan, Grading Plan, Drainage Plan, Irrigation Plan, Detailed Green and Tee design
  • Final Construction Cost Estimations
  • Final Construction Work Schedules
  • Material & Machinery Selection
  • Contractor Selection & Documentation
  • Project Management

GLC also offers LAND PLANNING from Siting, land planning & allocation to design and development to meet any or all of your requirements for a Golf Residential Development, Golf Resort Development Project.

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