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Golf and Bio-diversity

Generally, we believe that golf courses have detrimental impact on the environment. On the contrary, golf courses flaunt natural landscapes where golfers can enjoy playing golf amidst greenery and nature. An efficient golf course management ensures conservation of environment and is capable of providing right surrounds in the form of natural areas and wildlife habitats. Consequently, it mitigates the negative effects of golf course operations on environment. GLC is committed to aid golf courses in achieving the objective of preserving the natural heritage of the game of golf.

With zeal to protect environment from golf course operations i.e. design, construction and maintenance, GLC is discovering new methods, techniques and programs to accomplish this mission. If you want to be a part of this mission, learn more about golf's environmental issues and prospects.

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As professionals, our expertise lies in providing a plethora of customised solutions to our clients to help them achieve an affordable & sustainable ecosystem. By the implementation of globally recognised practices in Golf Course, Site Selection & Feasibility, Planning, Design, Construction, Grassing, Grow-in, Maintenance, we ensure we add value to every project by conserving & enhancing local environment, shrinking costs and boosting its overall profitability.

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