Football Field

Ziro Stadium

Ziro Valley -A.P., North East


Services Provided

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Earth Work
  • Grading Work
  • Drainage
  • Installation
  • Field Construction
  • Seeding
  • Grow-in Maintenance
Site Background

1500 meters above sea level - 8950 sqmts. Area Alluvial soil, flat topography.

Design & Development Approach

100% of the site area i.e. Field, Overrun Area, have been constructed from scratch. Advanced Sub-surface Drainage System to withstand the high rainfall conditions. Aggregate, Sand base Field. Ground is planned and designed as per FIFA Standards with 5000 Seating Capacity.

Design Features

FIFA Specs Soccer Field (Blend of Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses)

Integrated System

Manual Irrigation System, Sub-surface Drainage

Project Gallery

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